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I am a 55 yr old male in a management position. I applied for a dept consolidation loan to eliminate the number of payments I make each month.

I confirmed everything that was asked of me, including my $48,000 annual salary, and confirmed I have no housing expenses.

I confirmed my phone number, bank account, e-mail, physical address,place of employment, and Net income.

I drew the line when I was asked to send a bank statement so they could judge what I am spending my money on.

It's none of their business what I spend my money on.

Keep your money, complete waste of 2 weeks!

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I think they're "Middle Men"...I worked at a call center were people would try to get loans for debt consolidation and more. We basically sold the leads to different financial institutions.....lead generation

seems like a lead generation company selling leads (loans) to financial institutions


For two weeks I submitted every document they asked for. The night before my listing was to expire the status was still "under review".

I sent an email to withdraw my application.

Five hours later I get an email confirming my request to withdraw. If you don't want to give me the loan, just decline it instead of having me waste my time for two weeks.


We had the exact problem.. They said they needed our bank statement including all pages to verify that my check is direct deposited!

My check stub already says direct deposit yet they still want my statements as well.

They already had all the other docs. Now we are trying to withdraw the loan request as it has not been issued yet and are not having any luck with a response even though we followed their process..


Hello! We're sorry you found the verification process cumbersome.

We're always trying to improve our processes, so we hope to make this experience easier over time.

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Lending is a big scam. They had the freaken nerve to say our income tax does not match, hmmmm the irs said everything is fine.

RIP OFF COMPANY. The people on here that do get the loans, they work for the company. What a joke. It is none of there business what we spend our money on.

Don't apply it is a waste of time. They lie, SCAMMERS

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