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I applied on August 28th,confirmed my bank account, confirmed my email, sent pay stubs and then they requested 3 bank statements. I responded quickly.

I sent my bank statements on Sept 12th. The same day I went in to my bank to deposit my check so I spoke with a banker there and he pretty much told me that Lending club would come back requesting more info. I spoke with him about different options. On Monday the 15th just as my banker predicted LC requested me to send over my tax return and 4506 T.

Waiting for the IRS to send over my transcripts would be another month or so. I am not that desperate. I feel like I was purchasing a home not borrowing 15,000.00. Tomorrow Sept 16th I will be at Chase dealing with people I have dealt with the past 12 years!

They can lift my Freedom limit and I can get points! I learned my lesson stick with the people you always do business with!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lending Club Loan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It has been extremely slow. They say that the process if very fast, but now it's it's over a week and still getting request emails for more forms.

We keep calling and about this as we've submitted everything, even the IRS 4506-T. Finally they informed us today that they are waiting other documents, but not for us.

Should be in by June 2nd - 5th. Extremely slow!


Hi Marlin Fant . My assistant saw a template IRS 4506-T form here >2014 irs tax transcript


Excellent writing ! I am thankful for the points ! Does someone know where my business might be able to locate a blank 2014 IRS 4506-T example to edit ?


I had no problems with my loan from lending club. I didn't need all the tax documents either


I imagine if you were getting a LOAN from Chase and not getting an uplift on a credit card your experience would have been similar if not even more arduous dealing with Chase or any typical bank type organization for a Loan.

Barberton, Ohio, United States #871027

You make excuses. Your company has terrible customer service!

I just raised my limit up 5000.00 dollars in 10 minutes on the phone. You should ask for all documents up front not 2 to 3 weeks in the process. Make things easier for your customers!

Who wants to carry on a transaction week in and week out? I do not mind proving any facts, but will not carry on a transat for 4 to 6 weeks unless it is a real estate transaction


Verifying amount and stability of income is an important part of decisioning a loan. We're always trying to improve our processes, so we hope to make this experience easier over time.

Thank you for your feedback. If you have any further questions or concerns feel free to reach us at 888 596 3157 or send an email to support@lendingclub.com.

We're staffed 6 AM to 5 PM PST, Monday through Saturday. Thanks, Lending Club

to LendingClub1 #1072534

Why, when you are consolidating loans and clients you lend to will have LESS of a debt burden after you lend to them? And you can see they've "paid as agreed" as far back as you can see, and you gave them a "firm offer of credit" based on their credit worthiness, only to then take it away...you don't make sense.

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