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I am currently around two weeks since our application. We decided to give Lending Club a try, pre-qualified for a loan, submitted all requested documentation immediately upon request.

After a full week of zero communication and only a confusing "account screen" to repeatedly check for updates, my first call was placed to customer service, and received typical canned answers like "the process should take about another week". When asked for clarification of the process itself, only received variations of the same script. I called back the next day to speak with someone else and received the same script, verbatim. My loan application is apparently in some sort of limbo between passing the "Final Review" and funding.

I didn't apply for a loan because I wanted to do something in a few months, I am seeking a loan due to an immediate need. This company could solve an absolute multitude of problems by clarifying their process for borrowers, and making a more intuitive and informational user interface that explains where your application is in the process. It's the lack of communication that's infuriating. The void of information flow to borrowers is in stark contrast to information provided to investors.

Every piece of data you could possibly need is presented to investors in graphs, lists, and dashboards. The only thing you get as a borrower is some text that says FUNDING with a huge green check mark, but it is faded at 50% opacity. So...does this mean its funded? According to customer service my loan has not yet entered funding.

So why the green check mark?? The other two data points are UNDER FINAL REVIEW which is bold, but does not necessarily mean that you are under final review according to the service rep, and finally CONGRATULATIONS your loan will be deposited which is also at 50% opacity. That's it. I'm not joking.

That's what you have to go off of. Who designed that user interface?

Product or Service Mentioned: Lending Club Loan.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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I applied for 6000 and it's the 10th day, my info has had "thanks for completing the items on your to-do-list, we'all email you with an update." And it's said that for 3 days. After countless attempts of calling and emailing I have heard nothing when they told me it would only take a week.

Very annoyed at this.

I bet I have to wait for it to be accepted then funded to? Probably another whole week?


I recently used lending club. Very helpful, fast results, covered my needs, very thorough on terms, had my loan deposited in no time, no negative repurcussions whatsoever. All online, but smooth and satisfactory transaction.


Well they gave me the loan the same day. As for crying about loan procedures, I'm guessing you have never borrowed money from a real bank, they also put you through the ringer.

Wait till you try to get a mortgage loan, mine took 45 days.

A lot of times lenders will work very hard to help you out, if they can't then mabe you need to work on your credit score or debt to income ratio.

Better luck next time


Thanks for your post on this. I am dealing with this same issue now and it is 9/07 - I applied to a pre-approved offer on 8/22 and also submit all requested documentation etc.

I emailed them about a week ago and on 8/28 I got the following email response:

** "Great news! Our Credit department reviewed your application and everything looks good. Right now, investors are still committing funds to your loan and this is the final step. This process can happen quickly, but sometimes it can take several days.

We'll email you when we have an update in the next week. We really appreciate your patience!" **

It's been a week and there is No movement on my online account page and I am led to believe that everything thing else is in order but that I need to wait. I am sympathetic to the LC CS reps not having any more information than we would and don't want to make an unnecessary call or email.. but it would be nice to have a bit more clarity when it comes to the borrower loan status.

I hope in the end that the original poster of this thread got their loan.. I believe LC is a good company and just experiencing the normal corporate growing pains.

Needless to say, I am also hopeful that my own loan gets funded and deposited into my account too. Good luck everyone!

to EWR #1367338

Same situation as you I applied on 8 19 and still waiting

to Dj1980 #1367398

Sorry to hear about that Dj1980, you've been waiting longer than I and at this point even an extra day of waiting can seem eternal. I'll comment back to this thread if I hear anything from LC Customer service. Good luck to you!

to EWR #1427133

I did my application and had my loan within a week, in January 2018. All went as promised. Happy customer.i was even able to lower amount before I accepted terms, as I didn't need whole $10,000 as I realized.


did you ever get your loan. i am litterally dealing with the same thing now


Hi, we're sorry to hear that you had this experience. We want to connect but don't have a way to reach you.

Could you please call our Member Support line at888-596-3157or send an email tosupport@lendingclub.comwith a number or email address where we can reach you? We're staffed 6 AM to 5 PM PST, Monday through Friday and 8 AM to 5 PM PST on Saturday.

Norcross, Georgia, United States #1340355

That's crazy and could be very frustrating. Did you ever receive the loan?

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