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I am so hurt. I had an emergency and had to relocate me and my children and applied for a loan and was approved even though I was uncomfortable with giving them access to my online acct info.

I gave it. But changed it right after the call. And got a call from BoA saying it was fraud and our banking realationship is over! What I said I have had a account with you since I was 5 and I'm almost 40!

And I am a victim why punish me! WTF! We aren't warned not to do this and that. You are suppose to detect it catch it and protect us from fraud.

How you going to treat us like the dam criminals who are targeting us ! S she said it's been decided how by who ? U should investigate thing like this first. I am not out bouncing checks etc etc.

you know there's books out here targeting us.

That's why u have the dam job ! I'm going in the bank and getting my account back opened theses ppl watched me grow up know my parents and siblings GTF outta here.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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I received a loan from lending club back in July 2017. I paid the account back off within a few days since i did not like the huge fee taken up front.

I recently started refi process on my home. To my amazement My credit report shows i have only made 2 payments and STILL owe 11k. I have made multiple calls to them.

They admit I do not owe anything but have not corrected issue This os affecting my credit score and debt to credit ratio. Grrrrrrr.

Anaheim, California, United States #1222928

We're sorry this happened to you and encourage you to report this to the authorities. Unfortunately, it seems you were the victim of an ongoing scheme where the Lending Club name is used by fraudsters who have no affiliation with Lending Club.

We became aware of this several months ago and have met with the United States Secret Service here in San Francisco, as well as filed complaints with the FBI and FTC (FBI Complaint Id: I1309251131004212, FTC Complaint Id: 48697737). We recommend you to add your voice to these complaints. We also posted a blog post to alert consumers and share tips for staying safe that you can read here: http://blog.lendingclub.com/protect-online-scams-swindles/ We don't know how the fraudsters became aware of you but what we've seen in the past is that they contact the victim using the Lending Club name or a variation of Lending Club. They promise the victim that they can obtain a loan through Lending Club by paying an application fee.

Funds are usually transferred to the fraudsters through the use of a Green Dot or Vanilla Visa card (or similar device). Lending Club has no relationship with these companies.

The people you spoke with were part of the fraud scheme, and were not affiliated with Lending Club, and the money you sent was not sent to Lending Club but likely was delivered directly to the fraudsters. --Lending Club

to LendingClub Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1234613

I'm not buying that this post was written by anyone from the Lending Club.

("The Secret Service of the United States of America"....)

Okie dokie.

You sound like the "fraudster" who stole this dudes money!

to Anonymous #1380169

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

For those who have a brain ignore this person's comment.

It's not hard to Google up what was said above and confirm it.

Perhaps it is you who is the scammer hoping to keep people swimming in a pool of ignorance.

to Anonymous #1614798

I applied for a credit card consolidating loan around the time Obama had a credit card bail out offers to us poor *** American who live in poverty already any way the company was 321 loans if you search this company here you will see all the reviews and complaints against this company there is also a class action lawsuit started 4 years ago Against this company and I'm sure the one mentioned above was included in the class action lawsuit lending club

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