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Scam artists. They write there own fake reviews.

You will loose your *** with these *** artists. Then the little money you have left they will fine the *** out of you to get it back. They took money out of my account on top of all this after I requested they deposit it.

I invested $500 and after three years they turned it into $400. There customer service will gladly take money to invest but when you want it back when it becomes available they will send you to there voice Mail department to never be heard of again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lending Club Investment Service.

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Marysville, California, United States #1319283

You do realize there are NO guarantees when investing... right?

There can be projections based on past performance.. but no one can foresee the future. In the past few years many investments took a hit, mine included. But, my dad used to say..

often ( not always)you shouldn't watch that closely on long term investments because it cycles.. if I look at a few investments I have had for about 20 years.. overall performance has been good, but there were periods of loss in that 20 years.

To make some $$ at one point I decided to do some investing in what per history were great investments..

but things like a merger or general economy happens and I lost it..

if you don't have it to lose,even if that possibility is remote.. don't invest.

California, United States #889168

dude, you barely have any of your money invested. you have 406 in available cash and only 63 bucks in notes...if one of the ONLY THREE notes you invested in is late LC will adust your account to what your likely return will be....you dont seem to be the most savvy investor no offense.


We're sorry you're unhappy with your experience. We think it might help to review your individual investor portfolio and for privacy reasons, we can't do that on Pissed Consumer, so we suggest a phone call.

You can reach Investor Services at 888-596-3159. We're available 7:00 am to 5:00 pm PST, Monday through Friday.


This is super weird. I've been using LC for over 2 years now and I've been making %9 annually in adjusted interested.

I was going to add a screenshot but I don't think it's possible in a comment.

Maybe you're investing in the risky notes? I don't do the automatic investment but choose carefully each and every note.

to Anonymous #889148

I too am getting a good return. Ive invested about 5k since march 2014 and have one note in collections but other than that Im getting 11.7% (8.2% adjusted)

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