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I am Jones Ford a private Lender with Home Funding Corporation What We Do: We help small businesses and individual with the funding they require! Home Funding Corporation provides consulting services and funding procurement to small businesses and individuals across America. Our primary goal is to solve one basic problem: fast access to financing! When business owners and individuals are searching for funding, they often don’t know what is... Read more

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Wanted to pay off Credit cards and they were going to charge me $720 for loan fee , On a $ 12,000 dollar loan, I would pay back in three years at a APR rate 35%. $ 7,000 plus dollars!!!!!!!! Have they lost their minds !!! Sad that they want to take advantage of people with less than a perfect credit score !!!! I'm not that desperate !!! Read more

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I have used LC twice in the last 3 years. Both times my loan amount was approved in under 7 days (deposited also). I get updates from them atleast once a month. I was unable to get a loan elsewhere so I am glad LC is around. I am actually considering funding some loans myself in the future.

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their login password reset process is annoying. They never get back or reply on emails. very un-satisfactory experience! I called the first time, I was able to talk to someone on the phone but he didn't solve my problem /issues. Then I left it for months before I tried to login and I was back to square 1. Then, recently, I sent a customer support email and got the automated reply but nothing beyond that. Now, I did google search for their... Read more

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I got destroyed by a woman and trying to rebuild so I can see my kids more. I got a letter stating I was approved for 1000 to 40000..then denied which hurts me more...snobby rich bankers....I wish they would all go back where they came from...likely *** never return...since we work all the hours we can and they collect their big buneses...worthless Wall Street Hacks....NEVER USE THEM.....i IMPLORE YOU....THEY DONT CARE ABOUT ANYTHING BUT... Read more

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Lending club is a scam they chsrge almost 50 percent.interest. thwy say 19 percent. Dont trust them you will regret it Read more

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I applied for a 2500$ on line! About hour after a guy named Max Stevens called me and said my loan was approved! He told me I can get up to 5000 if I wanted so I decided to get 3000 just to be sure I had enough! He told me to go get an I-tunes card for 100$ to show him I'll be able to make payments! He said I would have my money in my account within 10-20 mins. He calls me back and now tells me the loan has to be insured to go get a 200$ I-tunes... Read more

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A Jason Smith (with heavy Asian accent) convinced me that I would get a $1,000 loan repayable in 6 months at $183 per month after I paid "insurance" and 'security' for my poor credit score plus $250 for Western Union transmission from them to me. After 3 days of my proving good faith and forking over $527, he and his associate in San Francisco, CA named Marcus Brown pretended to send me the money including the good faith funds plus a bonus $100... Read more

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Lending Club Falsely Advertises itself as loan service for struggling Americans. In Reality it is just another bank looking to help itself only. If you are less than WEALTHY, they will not lend to you. If you apply for a loan a computer program will decide your faith without any human oversight even if you request the rational flexible oversight that only a human can give. Between an IRS payback loan, credit cards, and a car loan I shell out... Read more

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My loan is taking too long Read more

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