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Several months after I was approved for a loan, I became disabled was unemployed with little to no income while I waited for SSD and workmans comp as I was injured on the job. Days after coming home from the hospital, I started arranging- as I did nearly every month in the next 6 months, to make my monthly payment- during their 15 day period as with dwindling funds- MED'S mattered most! But, never missed a payment. Today- I called to make my... Read more

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First they "Pre-selected" me then declined loaning me the money. Then many months later said I was "Pre-Approved" and when I provided my information to them, (mind you, I have an impeccable payment history over 13 years strong), they declined to give me a loan AGAIN. The bottom line is, they should not get people's hopes up by saying they will "Help you get out of high interest rates, etc..." only to drag you through the process then deny you a... Read more

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I feel Lending Club was very honest about the huge amount of interest i would be paying to take out my loan. I was in a jam, and needed some money quickly. They were my last resort, but I accepted their terms. I paid off the loan as soon as I was able in a lump sum payment. I didn't have any of the complaints that others have had. Generally, when I've read a complaint, it has all boiled down to consumer error. Whether the contract wasn't read... Read more

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Been with lending club for a few years. Moved to the Philippines on June 14, 2015. Recently completed the eligibility questionnaire and BOOM. They locked me out because I was a foreign investor. SDIRA will be handling my money now. Now the question is this. How soon will I have access to my money. LOL! It is thoroughly amazing that they would do this to a US citizen and label me as a foreign investor. How idiotic is that? Well, Lending Club, you... Read more

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The company I work for is going true bad times and all our hours have been drastically reduced, I have a loan with Lending club witch I have paid perfectly on time for the last 3 years. I called lending club to see if I could get a reduction on my monthly payment until things got better. They absolutely refused , I told them that other credit card companies like Amex and Barclays were working with me . I did not requested a reduction on the... Read more

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Lending Club - LENDINGCLUB is Predatory, Overrated and Misleading
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Before we begin with my complaint... HEY LENDING CLUB and the rest of you financial criminals... There is a NEW Sheriff in Town and regardless of your political party, President Obama has a new Financial Enforcement Agency that actually chases the Financial Bad Guys and has every banker's heartbeat racing.. The CFPB also known as Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Read more

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Lending club sends out letters saying the potential borrow is "pre-approved". This is a lie. The potential borrower is *NOT* pre-approved. Lending Club tells this lie to induce people to apply. If the application is rejected, they say "Oh well." It's a scam. They purposely chose the words "pre-approved" because they know that people will not apply unless they think that they have a reasonable chance of being approved, generally speaking. So... Read more

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I applied for a small loan of 3500 and was approved. I needed this loan for a move that I am making now. No money after 7 days in review. All documents were submitted. I am moving now and having to use credit credits for moving cost. Seriously, how long does it take to review such a small loan. They have hit my credit and No funds. After reading these other remarks , I realize that I probably should have researched them better. Avant has a... Read more

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I called two weeks ago to let them know I was paying off the loan and to cancel my automatic payments.There representative agreed and said they had done so. My bank sent the payoff. Lending Club then took my usual payment the next day for $500. When I called customer service, they admitted I had called in advance and they admitted it was their mistake and that they should not have taken the payment. They then said, "too bad, so sad", it will... Read more

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My loan was handled in a professional manor. Not surprised by fee as many inidividuals come together to fund a loan it's personal for them and personal is how I'm treated they helped me understand each step so I could make the best choices,I am happy with this companies lending stratigies. Read more

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