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In April i applied for a 24 thousand dollar loan. everything is approved and every time i call customer service they tell me 1 more wk. a wk later i call and they said 2 more wks. it has already been over a month now. can someone tell please tell me how long i should wait till i pull the plug on this pending funding? and since i am approved and just waiting for the funding to be in my bank, does this mean a hard inqueiry was impacted on my... Read more

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I applied for a loan through Lending Club, I was told I qualify for a 18000.00 Loan, after almost 3 weeks and submitting my bank statement, pay stubs, tax return and allowing them to ask the government for my tax return, they would not tell me anything. I called many times and was told it was still in review. I told them if it was not going to go through please let me know so I can move on. They said they have no information, finally after 3... Read more

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I applied for a $9600 dollar loan on 5/11/16 the process was quick, how much I wanted and what rate I wanted to choose. I got my to do list which was to verify my email and that was it for about five days including a weekend. All the while it said my loan was being backed even though I couldn't find my loan listed anywhere. On 5/20/16 I got an email saying my loan was fully funded and I needed to complete my to do list, when I logged into my... Read more

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I recently applied for a loan with the Lending Club and had no difficulties, bought the 150 buck i-tunes card (which I borrowed from my engaged daughter) then after giving them the code on the back of the card, they transfer me to another associate, "Sam" , who then tells me that in order to recieve the loan, I must now send them $199.00 (processing fee), which of course will be refunded to me along with the $150.00 spent on the i tunes... Read more

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Si exciste menos de 0 estrella,es lo que lleva en mi persona ,me han afectado tanto que no lo recomiendo a nadie,son pesimos,me dieron un 22apr,*** 720 de score credit, de 35000,me dieron 33500,nadie te ayuda en espanol,para aclarar algo es un problema,y cuando te van a dar el prestamo son rapidos pero no son claros ni justos,son prestamos enganosos.Son una estafa,el peor banco que he conocido.Mas malo no exciste.No lo recomiendo. Read more

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Esta compania no se la recomiendo a nadie,tengas los ojos buen abiertos,lean las letras pequenas,teniendo mas de 729 de score credit,me dieron un interes de 22 apr,y de 35000 me dieon solo 33500,llevo mas de un ano pagando y no baja el pay off,nadie habla espanol para ayudarte,pesima atencion al cliente pero para ensalchicarte si son rapidos.Pesima experiencia,peor banco no puede excistir. Read more

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Dont borrow from will never have interest rate below 22%!!! They lie non stop...beware they are crook and deceiving. Read more

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Their advertisement is a scam. they dont offer rates anywhere near what they advertise. They ought to have a law against their false advertisment. No way would i get a loan from them. No matter how bad my financial situation. They advertise 8.5 % interest however, they offer 28 + % and they dont issue u a loan for the amount that they advertise. Very disappointed in their false advertisement. Please do not send me anymore *** propaganda. I am... Read more

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I have had two previous loans with you before and thought you were great.I receive email showing I had been pre-approved.I was approved at 20,000,just what I ask for. I gathered my information and had my wife fax it all in. I sent in w2gs and my social security earnings. I retired in October 2015 and immediately starting drawing my social security and this month I decided to go back to work full time because bordom set in. I worked at my last... Read more

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This year I decides to have my IRA with Lending Club. They advertise on their site that my money will be available 4 business days after funds have been received by their partner Self Direct IRA Services. Well, they have had my check cashed for two and half weeks and still no money in my account. Calling their toll free number (888.381.9309) on their IRA site only allows you to leave a message which they never return. I had to find their number... Read more

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