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Very bad service was very useless Add comment

Lending club is a loan shark scam. Please, if you are looking for fast money, do not further put yourself in a worst place by going to lending club. I have personally known two people who did and very much regret it. Total scam. I know one person who got a loan through lending club and everything seemed fine, except as that would periodically check their credit, they noticed that since taking the... Read more

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I applied at the Lending Club. Was given a rate and pre approval after checking my credentials. Sent in my very personal information and after about a month they said i had not complied to their request. Never talked to a person. Was told by the app that i was approved and had to give my bank routing number and account number to receive funds. Everthing about this p2p company is bogus. Dont... Read more

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i received a loan from lending club they charged a 900 fee to get the loan I received 17100 dollars paid on it for eight months at 424 a month went to pay it off at that time payoff was 16511 dollars so for a 17100 dollars I wound up spending 3392 in payments and loan only dropped 600 dollars please learn from my mistake stay clear of these thieves as long as people keep using them they will... Read more

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I stopped the process of getting a business loan from Lending Club Business Loans when TOO MANY red flags started flying. I do think they are a real business verses an outright scam. And some things that I found objectionable may not be a problem for others. But I follow my gut instinct which told me to STOP dealing with them when I caught them playing “used car salesman” shenanigans. Perhaps... Read more

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I applied for a loan 12/31/15. I have been trying to get an answer ever since. I was told that my request for the loan had been funded but no answer. This is outrageous.Can I get someone to tell me something? Read more

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I applied for a loan from The lending Club and on the very day I applied, I clicked to sign up to repay the loan for five years, however it showed up on the computer as a three year loan. I immediately called them to correct this error, and they would not do it. I contacted the CEO of the company in writing to explain the problem, and he never even responded. I tried to make the large payments of... Read more

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Investors beware of Lending Club. Peer-to-peer investing is good idea when it is handled by a company that cares about its investors and borrowers. If a borrower gets behind on their loan payments, lending club does nothing to help that borrower get back on track. Lending club does not call, text, mail, or e-mail anything to the borrower in terms of support or solutions. Once that borrower... Read more

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100% FULL

Lending Club - They Charge Fees to get loans!
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Before you use The Lending Club The Lending Club also is popular in searches for personal, signature and all purpose loans. They are on other sites as well touting 10 best personal loan companies. It is from these sites The Lending Club will obtain your information. Once contacted, The Lending Club’s Brandon Mark (707) 237-8968, will reference their Better Business Bureau Report... Read more

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You can't pay the *** loan off early. They say you can. I sent my money in to pay the loan off according to their terms. I called often throughout several days and they claim they had system problems. After sending in over 10,000 for payoff they hit my account for another 300.00 payment which caused 3 bills to bounce then they tell me I owe 74.00 more dollars. BS good company until you try to... Read more

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