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I applied for a loan with Lending Club 4/2016. I was offered an amount a lot less than I requested. There were 4 offers in different amounts, all with an interest rate of approx 39% APR! Yes, that is correct. I didn't accept for several days and then went back because of circumstances beyond my control, I really needed the money. They even required me to send part of the loan to pay credit card balances. That was OK but it took away even more money that I would receive. I completed part of the loan process and was working on additional. I... Read more

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If you are shopping for a loan online, please do not go to Lending Club, they are the absolute worst! On 10/08/2015, I had a loan of $3500 funded. One of the worst mistakes of my life. I had a due date of 11/08/2015. I went in to request my payment due on the 24th of each month, so instead of allowing all of my payments after the first to be due on the 24th, they made my first payment due in the same month my loan was funded, on 10/24th. Then when I called to tell them that I didn't want to turn around and give them money that I just borrowed... Read more

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I sent everything they asked for. They dont like my voice and that I call from my daughters phone because it is easier to her on. Each time they say answer with 24-48 hours yet then askfor more. sent a notirized copy of ID, still not happy. What are they doing with my info??? loan #77297379 The credit reviewer is Alice. skope with superviser Julia huh my wife and daughters name. They sent me 18 emails. spoke wth them 4/21 4/22 11:47 for 16mins and 3:32 for 21 min 4/20 12:44 for 35 minutes 4/19 2:19 for 10 mins 4/18 11:51 for 11 min 4/16 10:19... Read more

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I had a few loans with lending club.. And the interest rates are higher than most but it is a good way to payoff your debt. They give you a grace period of 11 to 15 days after your loan date.. The issue came when, I called to take a payment, for a later date that they accepted like they always do and sent me a email confirmation. I received a -500.00 dollars on my account when Lending Club took the funds out.. I had 2 over draft 35.00 fees on top of it and when calling them back on the phone for 3 hours nothing really got resolved.. I will... Read more

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I had a loan with Lending Club before, and I never had a problem with them. The rate is higher when you FICO score is down and your credit limit is up. However, when I tried to get a loan this time, they asked for TOO many documents. The GOV ID, bank statements, and paycheck stubs should have been enough. But if I don't provide all the "extras", I won't get this loan. If I didn't need this for a mechanical issue, I would not be getting this. There should be a law that prohibits lending clubs for asking too much information. Read more

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Avoid this company. This is a CRIMINAL organization. I filled out a form to get a rough estimate of what amount and interest rate I qualified for. The interest was 25%, higher than most of the credit cards I want to pay off. So I did nothing else. I didn't give them my SS#, nor did I follow through with actually applying. A few weeks later, they checked my credit without my permission. Then I received harassing emails from someone named Jeff saying that I had been denied due to serious delinquency and unpaid accounts--none of which is true. It... Read more

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In December 2014 I went to Hair Club for service options. They financed services through Comenity Bank, overseen by Lending Club. I received hair replacement services and found I had an allergic reaction. The alternative hair service was tying on hair to my existing hair, but the procedure failed. After explaining in writing to Comenity/Lending Club that no one could foresee an allergic reaction, not me, not Hair Club, and not Comenity/Lending Club, and that I could not have further hair treatments, I stated it was illogical to continue to... Read more

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I was skeptical but had a great experience. My credit score isn't perfect but I was funded $11.5K for debt consolidation. Application process was simple and money deposited into my bank account within a week of application. My lending club loan interest rate is 10.9 APR and I was able to pay off those crazy high interest credit cards (some of them had crept up to 26% APR even though I pay on time!). There was an origination fee tacked on to the base loan amount but that was disclosed up front. I am quite pleased. Thanks investors! Read more

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i applied for 10, 000, was approved for 9500. i wanted to think itover payment was too high. 2wks later received loan app was denied.???? unsure if i had the loan or not.also unable to find phone no to speak to a rep. i wanted to receive 10000 to havemore time to repay under 10000 its 3 yrs. i continue to receive mail offers.i have many debts due to illness but have never missed 1 payment,wanted to consolidate for a little breathing space and lower interest rates i think all debt consolidation are not on the most honest lists.wish i could... Read more

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I have NEVER been late on my payments with Lending Club - absolutely never and I have this account for over (1) year. I recently asked if they would please modify my monthly "due date" because we are senior citizens and OUR MONTHLY FUNDS BECOME AVAILABLE (2) DAYS LATER THAN THE LENDING CLUB DUE DATE. They answered TWICE & it was no for requesting to move our due date out by only TWO DAYS????? I wrote them back respectfully submitting my disappointment with their company and their procedures. I also advised them that other companies were... Read more

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