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We have used lending club twice, as a way to bridge funds while were were doing some expensive repairs to our home. Water leaks caused us to repair/replace about 50 feet of our kitchen walls, and pretty much redo one of our bathrooms completely. This took us about 21 months to complete. We also used some zero percent intro rate credit cards to manage paying for some of the more unexpected expenses for the repairs. During this time, we paid off... Read more

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Received a phone call saying that I can be approved for a loan without a credit check. But, they need for me to get an iPhone card in the amount of $150. They said that this will be refunded to me a few minutes after the loan amount is deposited in my account. Does not sound legit to me. Has anyone else had this experience? I did not proceed with the loan as it did not sound right. However, they keep on calling me back. I could certainly... Read more

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I had a loan with Lending Club for about a year and a half, then paid it off. Rate was high but not completely terrible. I even switched banks and the process was smooth. You really need to understand personal finance before applying for a loan with any company. The only real advantage to this type of loan is to consolidate several high rate bills into one semi-high rate bill for set time frame. Their customers service was very helpful the one... Read more

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Had these people call me today, they state clearly in their intro, that there aren't any up front charges. Yet as soon as they produce an EFT CODE, and they think they have you hooked, then comes the fee. $150 dollars to get access to the funds, if you try to cancel at that point, they inform you of a$400 cancellation fee. If you get caught up in their game, the only way to keep them from screwing you, is to close your account immediately and... Read more

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You are better off getting a loan from the Mafia!!! This company should not be allowed to take advantage of people who are in financial help. Read more

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Ok so i just started my loan experience with Lending Club and after reading these reviews I am now horrified. I came here to look at reviews after i applied for a 12,475.00 loan and they only deposited 11,725.00. I had no idea there was an origination fee this was never discussed with me!!! I am also trying to get my payments into 2 bi weekly payments and no one will get back to me about this. I was also told my monthly payments would be 366.08... Read more

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Been trying to get into my account summary and have not been able to get any help to see why I cannot login. I need assistance and when I call the phone rings incessantly with no answer. Read more

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Lending Club Investment Service Review from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Lending Club - HORRIBLE Investment Do not believe the bull *** LC posts on its site about 99.8% of investors getting a positive return. It's all a big F'n scam I invested $3K about a year ago. 15% of loans have or are headed to default. I'm at a -3.77% return on this scam, and I can't get my money out. DO NOT INVEST IN THIS SCAM!!! Read more

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I'm stopping my investing in LC and pulling my money out as soon as I can. I no longer trust this company with my money. They never (as in *never* charge late fees) and defaults are becoming more and more common. I normally have 10-20 loans every month in the "late" cagetory and have not seen ONE CENT in fees. For the first two years I had 1 default on a loan; in the first HALF of this year I have three defaults on loans. And we're talking about... Read more

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Several months after I was approved for a loan, I became disabled was unemployed with little to no income while I waited for SSD and workmans comp as I was injured on the job. Days after coming home from the hospital, I started arranging- as I did nearly every month in the next 6 months, to make my monthly payment- during their 15 day period as with dwindling funds- MED'S mattered most! But, never missed a payment. Today- I called to make my... Read more

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